Tom arrived early, so we began as always with the skills checks. I saw that i needed to work on looking as well as body positioning. I also made some set up changes. We spent the first half of the session working primarily on corners. We started using just the hillside, then linking three berms together, and then the first half of the skills trail. Tom began linking the turns with fluidity and control, and his looking got much better once i made it clear to him where he should be looking. We worked on getting some air next, and he had a bad habbit of sitting back when jumping and dropping, which i corrected. I could see he was very comfortable with drops, and moved him quickly onto the tabletop. I managed his speed here, and he was soon flying over both the tabletop and gap jump. We worked on the pump and jump trail next, and we worked through each section, linked it with the two berms and the wooden gap jump which followed. We worked on steeper stuff, i showed him dropping in straight and sideways, and also linking steeper roll ins with corners. by this point, mental tiredness had kicked in and we brought the session to an end.

Nice one Tom, stand up!