Mark turned up as arranged for this singletrack skills session and was the only rider after illness had taken it’s toll on the three other riders, so I gave Mark a one to one session for four hours instead.
 The skills check showed me that I needed to set up his bike and that body positioning, footwork and looking needed correcting. Immediately , Mark felt the difference in his riding as he was more centered rather than hanging off the back. I showed him why the skills set applies to getting air under his wheels and he said it now felt effortless.
 Onto the singletrack and we worked on linking the fourteen sections on the trail together. I worked on his cornering out on some grass before applying it in the real work of a trail and he was soon riding smoother and faster than ever. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to absorbing, rock gardens, pumping, steps and drop offs. 
 We even had time to work on carrying speed through three linked berms and Mark even began jumping on the trail too.
Amazing session with a lovely bloke.