I coached Trevor in a group last year at nirvanacycles.com and Trevor contacted me saying he was lacking confidence once more and wanted my help.
During the skills check it was great to see footwork and looking was still there and that I could now work on his body position in corners. I also found he had lost one of his skill set during the push technique and that didn’t help his lack of confidence.
The first technique we went through was his previous biggest fear, DROPS!
In no time at all Trevor was landing perfectly off the first two drops and then I worked on a protective mechanism that appeared on the largest drop and he began landing that perfectly too.
Trevor was visibly growing more confident and as we moved onto the trail this vein carried on.
His new body position in corners really made him flow more though them and his braking during corners disappeared.
We worked on speed manuals, rock gardens, steps, fly outs and drops. Linking them to flat , switchback, off camber and bermed corners.

I worked hard with Trev on linking drops into berms and he really got to grips with it.
We then rode the entire trail and he was riding so fluidly and way faster than before.
With each complete run he got faster and smoother and his smile was beaming across his face. The Trevor of last year who lacked confidence had gone and this new Trevor had arrived.
Lastly I moved him onto the 6ft tabletop and showed him how his skill set applies.
It didn’t take long before he sailed across it perfectly to yells of delight.

After riding it over and over again , Trevor then rode towards the gap jump and nailed that too!
after 3-4 more clear runs of the gap I called an end to the session as he became mentally tired.
Trevor, today was an absolute pleasure!