Five of the trogs mtb club came to me for coaching. I identified what was missing but also what was present in the skill set I teach, and set about changing their riding positively.
1st technique was the drop technique where I worked on both the physical and mental skills set and all 5 riders rode all of the drop options!
We then moved onto the trail. I broke the trails 14 sections into 4 segments and worked methodically on each before adding it to the previous segment and so on.
Steps, drops, flat, bermed, switch back and off camber corners, rock gardens, kickers and linked sections were rode and worked on.
I worked on body position, footwork, speed management and looking into the next, and gradually the riders became more fluid and began to flow down the trail. Airtime was gained and speed was controlled by using the identified braking areas. We ended the session after some complete runs of the trail as mental fatigue crept in.
Amazing session!