Chivas has been coached by me before but a holiday in Canada on a coaching session with another company didn’t go well and he really had a drop in confidence. The skills check revealed physically he was still there but I knew I would need to work on his mental block he’d developed with berms.
 I knew Chivas was ok with the 3 drops  I use and he was happy styling it off them and latter I moved onto linking drops into a berm to work on his new found fears. soon he was linking them together smoothluy but not before i moved him to an isolated berm to work on his confidence.

I moved us onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump to work on style and speed management before moving to the pump and jump to first work on pumping, jump and manualling sections and later to work on linking 2 berms together to gain speed to ride a wooden gap jump. Chivas’s footwork and looking were paramount to gain grip in his corners until finally he was able to clear the 6ft ladder gap.
For our final application of the mental and physical skills I moved him to a rarely used drop to work on his peripheral fears to drop 4-5ft into the quarry. This brought an awesome session to a close and I know that Chivas is now not only back on form in his riding but moved further on too!
A great end to a fantastic week of coaching.