Dawn popped down from Scotland for another session and it was just a polish of the skills I had set down in a previous session and was just application. I worked further on her body positioning in all areas and we began from there.
 i used half of the skills trail and worked on linking 4 corners, a rock garden and pumping and it began to take effect straight away. Dawn always needs to take stuff away to work on them in her own time so after a while we moved onto a new singletrack to work on the sections contained within it and eventualy link them all together too.
Steeps were linked onto corners, bus stops, rollers, pump bumps and drop offs and I demonstrated dropping into steeps straight on and also dropping in bmx style too.

After a while Dawn was riding the whole trail and linking the setions nicely and any errors were self diagnosed too.
I moved onto the wood work to work on control and peripheral fear and soon she was riding the drop too.
To end our session we worked further on pumping but also why the skills set applied to manualling tabletops and rollers on a trail too,
Great session Dawn