I coached Trevor three months ago and wanted to return to piece his riding together some more. Last session I worked predominately on pumping, jumping and drops and this time I wanted to work on his trail fluidity and linking sections of a trail together.
Trevor warmed up by linking three berms together and I discovered a small footwork error that needed ironing out. We soon moved on to the singletrack trail to work on linking different types of corners together and identifying braking areas and line choices. I used the top 6 sections first and we worked on those corners, rock garden and pumping to gain speed before having a welcome coffee break.
 We resumed by working on the bottom 7 sections and choosing which technique to use on drop offs and steps as well as a fly out jump. The 4ft drop into the final corner was something that was soon easily flying beneath Trevor’s wheels and he was riding the trail top to bottom with control and confidence. Errors were being self diagnosed as he knew why it was right or felt wrong in any sections.
 I moved us on to the 6ft tabletop from the last session to work on separating the techniques required to jump tabletops, Soon he was sailing into the air and landing on the downslope. I worked on speed and effort to clear the jump. The sun was setting as Trevor called n end to the session and he handed me a beer to celebrate an awesome session.
Keep up the good work dude.