Elliot came to us with one main wish, to land a 360. Mark Atkins was the main coach for this assisted by myself. We began with seeing how happy he is rotating into a foam pit and this enabled us to keep him safe but improving. Looking was his main fault and We focused on this heavily before moving onto the resi ramp.

As Elliot’s looking got better Mark gradually worked on adding speed and slowly but comfortably Elliot began spinning over 270 but kept trying to bail mid flight. This was something we have seen before and know how to overcome it and in a short time Elliot threw his first 360 and rode it away.

After a few 360’s we moved onto the jump line and here I worked on Elliot’s step up technique and soon he was happy to ride the quarter pipe into the step up and over the following jump.

The plan was to then twist the resi after riding the step up but tiredness crept in and called a halt to a very good days riding.
Keep us informed on how you develop Elliot!