Glenn and Joe arrived early for their mtb skills session, and having been coached before, they came to me because they felt that something was still missing. After running them through both of our skills checks, I realised it was body position mainly, as well as a bit of looking. I moved them on and quickly showed them correct cornering technique using just the grassy slope, to feel for themselves how correct body position was a factor in having speed and control in their riding. I moved them onto drops, where I introduced a mental skills set and they were both riding off the largest drop and landing perfectly, I worked next on cornering on a trail, using first three linked berms, and then I took them to the skills trail. We spent the next hour or so, stopping for lunch half way through, working our way down this trail, showing it to them section by section, and the. Getting them to link it with what they had previously ridden. Soon enough go they were both flowing down it with speed and control that they had never felt before. The tabletop came next, and it was a big mental block for both of them, but after explaining and demonstrating, I controlled their speed individually and they were soon riding both the table and the gap. I showed them steeper stuff and how having the correct body position can play a big role in riding this type of terrain easily. They both dropped in straight and sideways with ease. I could see they were tiring so I let them have a few goes on things we had previously covered, to wind our session down nicely and we came to an end about five hours after we started. Nice one guys, Glenn, get off that seat and press the hand, joe, just think about that right hand in your turns.
nath (@ukbikenath)