Zach came to me for his 3rd session and I knew he favoured one side from our previous sessions and a physio visit last year confirmed a knee issue and that he has had it for years. I wanted to help him develop strength on his weaker side so we did lots of work leading with the opposite foot.
 We began with the drop technique and rode those either foot forward and he felt balanced and controlled.
 Onto the skills trail and we quickly worked our way along the trail as he was familiar with it. Pumping, jumping, drops ,absorbing, steps and rock gardens were linked together easier and faster than before as the previous sessions work had embedded and paid off.
 We moved onto riding steeper stuff and worked on Zach’s peripheral fear of drop offs before a break beckoned.
On resuming, we worked on the pump and jump trail where the skills sets were applied in each section and he decided whether to jump or pump through a section and linked in 2 berms at the end.
For what would be our final application of the skills we moved to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and worked on both mental and physical skills required to ride either.
Our session ended as the heat grew and mentally Zach had no more.
Awesome progress dude.