Sarah booked a one to one session with me and after a coffee discussing her aspirations I set to work. The skills check was first and it revealed the missing skills and also uncovered something Sarah had no idea how to do, unweight her front wheel with a push. Once i had corrected her footwork and looking , she found it easy. I began as always with applying this push to the drops and in no time at all, Sarah was landing perfectly. After a while we moved onto the skilsl trail itself and we worked on all types of corners, pumping, rock gardens, steps , jumps and linking drops into corners.
We broke the trail down and worked on it in quarters before adding the previous quarter to the next and so on. we worked hard on footwork and looking in corners but also body positioning too and Sarah could really feel the difference.
I worked on a fly out to show why her push applied to jumps and to her complete amazement, she was airborne!
I also worked on a mental skill set with Sarah too as we worked on linking her drop technique to her cornering technique in berms and soon she was dropping confidently and smoothly into the corner with control.
Lastly Sarah rode the entire trail a few times and it all came together before Sarah finally declared mental tiredness and ended the session .
I ended the session with another coffee and I rode a line on the woodwork to demonstrate exactly the same skills I had taught her being used in me.
Great session!