On running Jon through the skills health check it became clear that he had some solid skills and missed only his looking but needed to develop his mental skills , particularly his confidence.
Much to his surprise, Jon pushed his bike to un weight the front not doing the dreaded lift or pull.
This for me was exciting as it opens up the sessions possibilities.
I started with pumping, then onto the dis connected bunny hop technique which Jon was only missing the 2nd push in the technique.
From there we moved onto drops and jumps and Jon really started to gain confidence and his mental skills started to develop in front of our eyes.
in a short space of time Jon was dropping and landing both wheels together and riding away smooth. Same for the jump technique, Jon really began to shine.
From jumping we moved onto a trail and we worked down it in three segments , isolating each section in it before linking them ALL together effortlessly.
It was clear that I needed to turn the heat up slightly, so we moved onto a tighter,steeper trail with larger sections in it, including a 7ft gap double.
We worked methodically down the trail and each section was ridden controlled and we really worked on Jon’s braking here.
finally, the whole trail was ridden and that included the gap jump!
I noticed mental tiredness appearing in Jon so I called an end to the session.
Awesome riding Jon!