David has years of experiences on mtb and wanted to iron out any kinks in his armory. After the skills check, I discovered the missing skills needing to be installed in him but also the great things he could already do and I began bringing those to the surface. After finding that David naturally pushed his bike to unweight it I began working on bi lateral pumping and the disconnected bunny hop. Both these techniques proved no problem for David after a little polishing. From there we moved onto a trail and worked on the sections contained within, beginning with cornering.

Now David had natural footwork in corners so i worked on body positioning and his looking which enabled something quite surprising to happen. David went from trying to go too fast to really going very fast! Equalling the 7 second run time best for the top 6 sections.
We worked methodically on each section contained including the drop technique where I worked on moving David off the back of his bike and into the center more to give him room to move in the air. After a few complete runs of the trail we went onto a trail with a switchback corner and worked on line choice before our session ended.
Great session David and I know I will see you again soon!