Tim contacted me for a session after his girlfriend Emma attended and really progressed.
I began with the skills check as always and identified some very tidy skills already present in Tim but realised that he lacked mental skills and that our session would lean heavily towards those.
After finding that Tim pushed his bike naturally I set about the technique of unweighting the front of the bike before moving onto pumping and the dis connected bunny hop. Tim got these techniques really quickly so we progressed onto the drop technique. Here Tim was at first feeling a lack of confidence but soon on application of the push found himself landing easily both wheel together and riding away smooth. Tim was now beaming.
It was time to move to a trail and work on the nine sections contained with and cornering was first. Here we worked on footwork and looking and soon Tim was flowing through the corners. I added on the next 4 sections and very quickly, Tim flowed through these using the correct and identified braking areas.
Finally we rode the whole trail and linked each section smoothly and controlled but also faster than ever before.
We ended our session when Tim declared he was knackered and I look forward to his on going feedback.
great session!