On meeting jack and putting him through the skills check I could see inside was a good rider. How good he was became clear later.
His footwork and looking needed working on but the beginnings were present and although he never realized, he pushed his bike not pulled it naturally.
We began with pumping and moved onto bi lateral pumping and the bunny hop technique.
Jack built his rhythm and flow on the trail using the trails dips and troughs and it was clear he would move into my overall top 20 riders when leaving the trail and seeing how far we can get without pedaling. Great start!
We then moved onto the drop and jump techniques and it was clear that Jacks mental skill set was beginning to flourish. confidence grew as he committed to the speed of the trail. We worked on his concentration too. Air time followed as Jack flew into the air in a safe controlled manner. Our session was really gathering momentum but i naturally slowed it down so He didn’t surf a wave of adrenalin.
From there we moved onto a trail with 9 sections on it and we gradually worked our way down the trail isolating each section and the braking zones down and soon Jack was absolutely flying.
Footwork, body position and looking into the next really began to become an unconscious action and he motored down the trail. it was clear that the pumping the trail we did earlier was really beginning to flourish as he became the fasted rider down the whole trail of all my clients, beating dan160.
I moved him onto a tighter trail with a larger drop section and Jack linked the trails corners together but was beginning to show tiredness and he lost his pedal a couple of times. Clearly he was concerned about the larger drop section so I made a suggestion to him (mind trick) and next run down the drop section floated by just like it should as his mental skills blossomed.
I ended the session on that high as Jack became tired by the rush of more adrenalin.
Fantastic session!