Rob came to for mountain bike coaching via recommendation from his mate Guy Powell whom I coached a while ago. I began with the skills check and I could see a tidy rider buried beneath some bad habits that needed removing so the rider inside could rise.

I knew once I had corrected the physical skills, it would be a case of working on the mental skills so I set to work.

We began with drops and soon his old habits were a ting of the past and the old bmx kid returned. We moved to the 6ft tabletop and gap which he sailed over with a massive grin on his face. after a couple of runs over the gap we moved on again. Rob was concerned that unless he had repeated goes he wouldn’t retain it , I said wait and see later 🙂

Before lunch break, I worked on cornering and when it clicked he was flying but feeling slower as the skills embedded deeper. . We used some singletrack turns before moving to linking three berms together. Soon he was riding the whole pump/jump trail and choosing wen to jump or stick to the ground and ten I demonstrated the 7ft and 9ft gap jumps that can be ridden from that line. Boom! Rob was now judging effort and speed beautifully and loving is riding. I told him that he didn’t need repeat goes earlier and now he understood.

Onto another trail to work on linking 5 gap jumps in a rhythmic line and judging effort. One by one they sailed beneath him as the pics show, Rob was blown away.

Lastly, we worked on carrying speed through the whole singletrack trail and linking the 14 sections on it including 4ft drop into the final corner by line choice and control areas. Amazing session and I loved every minute

High5 Rob!

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