Mark and Simon have loads of years of riding under their collective belts but were struggling on their Sunday rides with Nirvana cycles, Surrey. Their path led to me.
On meeting I ran them through the skills check and immediately found what was missing in their skills set and also what good stuff was already present. With this information I set about changing the perception of their own limits on their bikes.
We began with unweighting the front wheel and onto the drop techniques and in a short time they were airborne. I then expanded the mental skill set and they moved onto the larger drop sections, landing perfectly.
From there, we moved onto the skills trail and worked on the sections contained within and linked them together gradually and methodically. Footwork and looking were worked on in all sections, particularly cornering. We worked our way down the trails 13 features and the guys were going faster and faster using their skill set. We linked the whole trail together and the flow was evident in both of them.
I worked on jumping tabletops with them too and once again they were flying through the air. After a few runs over the table top I moved them to the left to overcome the mental fears of the gap jump. Again the guys flew over it and the smiles were a sight to behold.
An awesome session and I look forward to our ongoing connection.