Vic came to us via recommendation and wanted to work on  drops and gaps and said he was happy with his cornering. Well, the skills check showed me that he needed to work on cornering , especially his right turns and footwork, looking and body positioning were all developed to correct his physical skill set and that left me to work on his mental skills. I began with drops and Vic was blown away at how simple it all now felt. A crash two years ago really had affected him but on watching the video of the crash he now knew why he crashed and how to stop that happening again.
Onto jumping and the 6ft tabletop sailed beneath him after a few small steps and that left the 6ft gap. Vic used his mental skills to ride it perfectly every time.
I worked on his cornering and he was amazed how much grip was available within his skills set and soon Vic was riding through three linked berms and styling the jump afterwards. We worked on drops into a right hand berm , Vic struggled at first but later on he was riding through it smoothly as the video shows. We took a break and resumed with riding bigger gap jumps and the required speed/effort equation they present. BOOM! Vic sailed over it time and time again and the smile on his face said it all to me.
We ended our session with Vic riding through a berm and then clearing the three tabletops that followed by applying his new skills sets. What a great session with a great bloke. See you soon dude.