Steve and Simon turned up as arranged and the rainy day didn’t deter them from coming to the session. The skills check showed me that they were accomplished riders but had small errors in their skills sets that had affected their mental skills.
 I needed to work on their body positioning predominantly as well as their looking and we set to work on the drop technique first. In no time at all, they were both riding the 1 meter drop and loving their new “technique”. Over and over again they rode the 3 drops and the smiles on their faces were a picture as Simon said that he’d have not ridden that size drop before.
We worked next on Simon’s fear of rock gardens and on both their body positions in corners, so we linked the 3 together and as the skills embedded, they got smoother and more controlled as line choice and braking areas made them faster .
We had a coffee break and while we waited for it to be done we worked on linking berms together using ther new skills and after coffee  we  resumed with linking the drop technique with cornering. And after a while, they both were riding the 4ft drop and once again, line choice and braking before the corner made the whole thing simpler and fast as a consequence.
Now it was time to work on their jumping. Neither had cleared a tabletop before left alone a gap jump, but that was about to change. Soon they were sailing over the 6ft tabletop with confidence and commitment, after a few goes they were eyeing up the gap jump too which Simon applied his mental skills to and rode easily, followed by Weeksy.
 Now an error by Si on the gap made him wash out on landing and when he got up we found his  Lappiere stem had snapped!!! This didn’t deter Simon, he then carried on on my bike and kept jumping the gap and tabletop until it was time to move on.
We moved to the pump and jump trail to apply everything from the session in one trail and worked on gaining speed through sections of a trail to have speed to jump or absorb the following sections, then carry that speed through the berms we’d worked on earlier. A few runs saw Simon declare himself too tired to continue but Weeksy wasn’t finished. He’d spotted a gap jump on another trail and wanted to ride it, although clearly tired and he rode it with a big grin on his face then declared an end to the session.
A great session came to a close and I know I’ll be seeing them again for a ride.