I have coached Nick, Karl and Al individually before but this time they wanted a session between them and that in itself was an awesome prospect as I knew their riding and learning styles and would be able to get their riding to progress easier. The session began with a 6ft tabletop and gap jump , but it wasn’t long before they were hitting a larger jump following three berms and styling it too! We moved to linking gap jumps and judging distance and speed required before moving on again. Now it’s hard for me to write sessions down as it is but this session was something else. We worked on gap jumps up to and including 13ft as well as linking multiple sections of woodwork together. Wooden berms, ladders, drops , gaps and bank rides were all ridden with their jedi skills as their previous mountain bike coaching sessions with me really paid dividends.

I demonstrated everything before they rode it. Step ups and downs, gap drops and high ladders. Line after line was ridden and we even began riding together. Seesaws and pumping through the wooden roller coaster were real highlights too. I think i’ll let the pics and videos do the talking.

Brilliant session, High5!



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