We started the session with the skills check where I discovered that Will had perfect footwork, and that all I needed to work on looking and body positioning. I also discovered that he naturally unweighted the bike, I just had to make a few corrections to his looking, and after a few set up changes, we moved onto drops. Will was quickly landing the larger of the three drops perfectly, so I gave him a quick cornering exercise before moving him onto the skills trail. Here we linked bermed and flat corners, rock gardens, fly outs, steps and drops, and Will was quickly flying down the trail. After a quick lunch break, we moved onto jumping, where he managed to clear both a 6ft table top and his first ever gap jump. I then showed him some alpine switchbacks, which he rode with ease, before moving onto some steeper role ins, and dropping in sideways. I then moved him onto the single track trail, where he was linking steep roll ins, corners and jumps, and we finished the session with him riding the whole trail top to bottom.

Great session Will!