Our session had a later start today, and i first found out what Alex had and was missing from a set of skills with a simple check. I had to work mainly on body position and looking within both of the techniques. We moved straight onto drops, where i explained the importance of having the right mind set whenever faced with a new obstacle. Soon he was landing perfectly off of the largest drop, commenting on how comfortable it felt. We done a quick cornering exercise to work on body position, before moving onto the trail, where we started linking both bermed and flat corners, and rock gardens first. I then showed him jumping out of fly outs, and drops into corners, and had him link this with the rest of the trail. Now it was time for the tabletop. I worked on his unweighting technique by controlling his speed to keep him feeling in control. Before long, he was landing perfectly on both the 6ft tabletop, and his first ever gap jump. Our session ended on pump and jump trail, where i now had him managing his own speed to jump certain sections of the trail, and this was linked with two corners at the end. 
Great session today Alex!
Nath (@ukbike_nath)
Tony (@ukbikeskills)