We began with the skills checks where i worked on her footwork and body positioning mainly. We quickly moved onto drops and here i worked on her technique and also her mental skills. Shs was soon landing perfectly off the largest drop. We done some work on cornering first using the grassy bank and then linking three berms. Soon enough she began to link the sections together with flow and control. After lunch, we worked on the skills trail. We worked on it section by section and then linked the whole thing. I worked mainly on absorbing with her in order to keep her wheels on the ground and maintain speed. We worked next on some steeper stuff. I first showed her rolling in straight, then some switchbacks and finally dropping into a corner. She handled all three well and rode them with confidence. We finished our session on the pump trail where she was pumping through all the sections to work on maintaining and gaining speed without leaving the ground.

Nice work Cat, remember that outside foot.