On meeting Chris, I gave him the outline for the session and also my commitment to his coaching too.
The skills check revealed body position and looking faults in corners and also that he looked down the rest of the time too.
We began with drops and Chris was comfortable on them so much so, that I began working on style to relax his body once in the air.
We moved onto the end of the skills trail to link drops into berms and this revealed a protective mechanism mid turn that needed working on.
I brought him to an isolated berm to work on the technique with confidence as he could control his own entry speed before moving onto the skills trail to work on braking areas and further cornering.
The trail has 14 sections and more importantly, 9 corners contained within it. This enabled me to work on all types of corners whilst working on his trail connection too.
We linked the corners to rock gardens, pump bumps, fly out jumps, steps and drops.
Chris’s development of his cornering began to flourish and he began to ride the entire trail end to end smoother and faster than before.

He lined the drop into berm at the end of the trail with commitment and confidence and the smile beamed across his face.
We rode the trail together a few times before moving onto the tabletop and 6ft gap jump which Chris rode with ease.
Lastly, we worked on the 9ft gap jump and linking it into the berm that followed.

After a few runs, mental tiredness began and the session ended naturally.
Great riding Chris!