Lewis had been coached by Tony before, so i took him straight to drops to see what skills where present. I worked here on looking and body position, before moving onto jumping, whefe i used the tabletop to work on the same skills. We went to the pump and jump trail and he was riding top to bottom, including the two berms gap jump that followed. I showed him a larger gap jump, which aftet a quick run up check, sailed over beautifully. I worked on some northshore with him, and had him riding wooden sections as well as small ladder drops. I took him over to the yquarry side, where i showed him the singletrack trail, which included corners, jumps, drops, roll ins and dropping in sideways. After lunch, he linked the whole pump and jump trail, which included then three larger table tops at the end. We rode a few other bits, and we breaked for coffee. Tonys session had just finished so he joined in with us. We took him back to a dirt jump he previously didnt have the skills set to ride, and he was soon enough sailing over it, when we worked on controlling the speed for him. The session came to an end due to tiredness, but i hope to see you again one weekend!
Nice one!
Nath (@ukbike_nath)
Tony (@ukbikeskills)