Tony races for fun and finishes mid pack and wanted to get coached by us at ukbikeskills to gain more control and flow in his riding, especially in cornering. Well, the skills check showed me some tidy habits covered up by bad. All I had to do was take away the things that were wrong. I knew I would have to work on his mental skills, especially in drops and steep terrain but that was to follow after I had corrected his skills set.

Soon, drops to 3ft were proving simple and easy and it wasn’t long before we were working on pumping and carrying that speed through a corner. Footwork, looking and body positioning are key to this. Tony said that Hadleigh farm xc course is scary to him due to the berms so I worked on linking speed through berms. This blew him away as he was traveling faster and smoother through them than ever before today.

We worked on steep terrain and a near vertical drop off, something he’d had previous taken another option around, he was now riding with confidence and control. By the end of the session Tony was linking fourteen sections of the singletrack trail together and flowing nicely. Over 4 hours of coaching was taking it’s toll as he was tiring quickly and unforced errors were creeping in but he knew it was time to end an awesome coaching session.





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