This year I decided to take a break from coaching to ride and build more stuff at Herts. I rode a memorable session with Llew and Nath where we rode the new singletrack drop together and Llew rode the 15ft tabletop too getting him the most air he’d had a
in ages.
Joe and marvelous Ed came for a ride Boxing day and it was great to ride with them both and see Ed come back to the woodwork since snapping his femur and ankle in Chatel earlier this year. Joe doesn’t get to ride Herts as much as when he was younger but I remember teaching him to ride when he was still at school! The 27th was my birthday ride followed by curry and beers and it went down as usual.
Through out we have been gradually enhancing the new singletrack so it can be ridden by any level of rider and jumped or rolled, it really flows nice already!
Lastly, all of the riders I met, rode with and coached I’d like to thank you for making it an awesome year for me personally. New years resolution? ride more,smile more and keep that inner child giggling!