Come to the Edge.
Come to the edge, he said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came.
He pushed them and they flew.

Guillaume Apollinaire (French Poet)


Our Coaches:

Tony Doyle | Director/Head Coach

Tony Doyle began riding aged 4, and quickly progressed into what was the first flush of BMX in the UK. His thirst for competition led him to become a competitive Triathlete, where he had notable victories at a regional level.

After several successful seasons of Triathlon, Tony gave up the running and swimming aspects to concentrate solely on the cycling element. Tony was an outstanding Time Trial racer, with over 100 victories to his name including The RTTC Eastern 10 mile championship.

An association with a local bike shop led Tony to take up MTB racing in 1990. He quickly transitioned into competitive racing at expert level, where he took many victories, including the Marshalls Race Series 3 times in succession. Tony’s first love in MTB was always the technical aspect of riding along fallen trees and through ditches. A chance visit to Glentress in 2003 led him to find his true calling in technical freeriding. Soon after visiting Glentress and riding the ‘Northshore’ trails there, Tony gave up all competitive cycling, to concentrate on designing, building and of course riding, Herts Shore. Now widely recognised and one of Europe’s leading Mountain Bike Coaches, Tony has recently rediscovered BMX, in particular Vert and Park riding, and feels that to a certain extent he has come full circle in what has been and remains a truly outstanding career in cycling.

Tony’s qulaifications include:
Advanced CRB Checked
CTC Accredited Mountain Bike Skills Instructor
MIAS MTB Leader / Navigator
LEVEL 2 Sports First Aid Trained
Tony has CTC Cycle Activity Provider Insurance



Mark Atkins | BMX Coach

Mark Atkins needs no introduction, being one of the Legends of BMX in the UK. Mark’s achievements in BMX throughout the 1990’s are so numerous that we don’t have space on the page to list them all. We’ll keep it short and just say that during Mark’s pro-career he attained NINE World Titles, was on the Pro-Tour for 3 years and had over 400 contest wins. Whilst known for his achievements in BMX, Mark is an avid fan of all forms of cycling, and regularly rides MTB to a high level, in addition to tearing up the Vert ramp.

Mark’s Achievements in BMX include:

9 World BMX titles
Over 400 contest wins at pro-level
3 Years on the Pro World BMX Tour


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