Where There’s A Will

I coached Will today (see what I did there?) and he wanted to understand what he was doing and why when hitting jumps and drops. I isolated his skills set and showed him what needed working on.

I also worked on the head game too as we moved through lots of applications for the techniques I teach.

Sean’s Session

Sean wanted to get some mountain bike skills coaching and his mate Gordon told him to come to me. Sean wanted to learn how to ride more comfortably in all areas and also maybe jump too. I worked on his positioning and looking skills and then applied the corrected skills set to lots of sections and complete trails. I think the pics tell the story.

Building Michael’s Confidence

Micheal had a big accident a few years ago and wanted to return to mountain biking a year ago. He came to me via recommendation and I broke his skill set down and rebuilt it back to where he could apply simple technique everywhere. Footwork and positioning were worked on in all areas of his riding, once corrected i could work on the all important application of the mental skills.

A Saturday Two To One

Greg and Ed wanted winter Saturday date and today was the day. I was able to use their collective motocross and skiing experiences to really develop their riding skills sets.

3 Go Mad From Surrey

Today’s session was about correcting the physical skills that were a massive barrier in their riding and that allowed me to work on the mental skills afterwards. They wanted to jump and anything else I saw that needed work. What a session it turned into!

Richard starts the Year Up-skilled

Richard had a mtb accident over a year ago and this prompted him to come to me for mountain bike skills coaching. I worked on his footwork, looking and positioning in all techniques that I teach and we then applied these to drops, jumps, gaps, steeps and turns. What a session it turned out to be.

John from Bolton’s Session

John came down from Bolton for his session today. He wanted to get better at cornering and also understand why he gets bucked when jumping. I broke his skills sets down and rebuilt him with an understanding of why it was right or wrong in any section. we worked on pumping, cornering, drops and jumps. John rode his first ever gap jumps today too !

Henry’s Session

Henry wanted to work on his cornering and his lack of fluidity when riding singletrack. I was able to draw on his skiing and snowboarding experiences to develop his skills set when mountain biking. I worked on his positioning when entering sections of trail as well as his looking too. Berms, flat and off camber corners, drops, jumps, steep drop offs and rocks were all simpler than ever and easier than he’d imagined.