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The UK’s leading progressive MTB Skills Coaching company.

At UK Bike Skills we have a simple mission statement: To provide our clients with the highest level of professional cycle instruction available. As such all our instructors and co-instructors are not just qualified to teach, each one is a respected expert in their fields.

We have a passion for cycling and are dedicated to giving the best quality coaching. The majority of our coaching takes place at our purpose built, custom coaching facility near Hertford, Hertfordshire. We’re just 52 minutes from Central London but we also offer training all over the UK – we can teach you on your trails.

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Public Coaching Days 2017:


13th | Jumps & Drops

27th | Jumps & Drops


10th | Jumps & Drops

24th | Singletrack Skills


8th | Jumps & Drops

22nd | Jumps & Drops


5th | Singletrack Skills

12th | Jumps & Drops

26th | Jumps & Drops


10th | Singletrack Skills

24th | Jumps & Drops


14th | Jumps & Drops

21st | Jumps & Drops


4th | Singletrack Skills

18th | Jumps & Drops


16th | Jumps & Drops

18th | Jumps & Drops





Dedicated Coaching Facility

UK Bike Skills is in the fairly unique position of having it’s own dedicated coaching facility. Designed specifically to enable us to teach you every type of feature your likely to encounter on any trail, from alpine switchbacks to drops, berms and gaps.


Progressive Coaching Style

At UK Bike Skills, we believe that to truly get the best coaching experience, the coaching syllabus needs to be tailored to you specifically. As such we tailor all our coaching courses to each rider on the day. Find out more.


Satisfied Customers

We pride ourselves on the relationships we forge with our clients. We ask each of our clients to keep us up to date with their riding progress and we’re always on hand to offer advice on our various social media channels. Click here for some of our recent reviews.




Come to the Edge.
Come to the edge, he said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, he said.
They came.
He pushed them and they flew.

Guillaume Apollinaire (French Poet)


Our Coaches:

Tony Doyle | Director/Head Coach

Tony Doyle began riding aged 4, and quickly progressed into what was the first flush of BMX in the UK. His thirst for competition led him to become a competitive Triathlete, where he had notable victories at a regional level.

After several successful seasons of Triathlon, Tony gave up the running and swimming aspects to concentrate solely on the cycling element. Tony was an outstanding Time Trial racer, with over 100 victories to his name including The RTTC Eastern 10 mile championship.

An association with a local bike shop led Tony to take up MTB racing in 1990. He quickly transitioned into competitive racing at expert level, where he took many victories, including the Marshalls Race Series 3 times in succession. Tony’s first love in MTB was always the technical aspect of riding along fallen trees and through ditches. A chance visit to Glentress in 2003 led him to find his true calling in technical freeriding. Soon after visiting Glentress and riding the ‘Northshore’ trails there, Tony gave up all competitive cycling, to concentrate on designing, building and of course riding, Herts Shore. Now widely recognised and one of Europe’s leading Mountain Bike Coaches, Tony has recently rediscovered BMX, in particular Vert and Park riding, and feels that to a certain extent he has come full circle in what has been and remains a truly outstanding career in cycling.

Tony’s qulaifications include:
Advanced CRB Checked
CTC Accredited Mountain Bike Skills Instructor
MIAS MTB Leader / Navigator
LEVEL 2 Sports First Aid Trained
Tony has CTC Cycle Activity Provider Insurance

Nathan Smith | Coach

Nathan has been riding with Tony and the guys from UK Bike Skills for over 7 years now and in that time has become a very skilled rider.

Nathan has been nurtured from ‘day one’ as Tony recognised he had all the attributes to be a fantastic coach, whilst also being a blank canvas without any learned bad habits.

Nathan now works as a UK Bike Skills Approved Coach, using Tony’s methodologies and is Tony’s assistant for large groups on both private and public sessions. Currently studying sports science, Nathan has developed into an extremely competent coach and a superb bike rider.



Mark Atkins | BMX Coach

Mark Atkins needs no introduction, being one of the Legends of BMX in the UK. Mark’s achievements in BMX throughout the 1990’s are so numerous that we don’t have space on the page to list them all. We’ll keep it short and just say that during Mark’s pro-career he attained NINE World Titles, was on the Pro-Tour for 3 years and had over 400 contest wins. Whilst known for his achievements in BMX, Mark is an avid fan of all forms of cycling, and regularly rides MTB to a high level, in addition to tearing up the Vert ramp.

Mark’s Achievements in BMX include:

9 World BMX titles
Over 400 contest wins at pro-level
3 Years on the Pro World BMX Tour


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  • tony doyle ( jedi )
  • tony doyle ( jedi )
  • tony doyle ( jedi )
  • tony doyle ( jedi )




At UK Bike Skills, we offer 2 different types of coaching experience: Public Coaching Days and Private Coaching.

Private Coaching is arranged on an available day to suit you. You can come alone, or with a group of friends and we will tailor the syllabus to cater for specific issues you may have with your riding. Our Public Coaching Days are set throughout the year and are open to the public. The syllabus is usually set and we will be covering a specific set of riding techniques e.g. Jumps & Drops or Singletrack Skills. There is, however, always time to ask questions and to cover specific problems throughout the day.

We believe that to truly get the best coaching experience, the coaching syllabus needs to be tailored to you specifically. As such we tailor all our Private Coaching courses to each rider on the day. With this is mind we have come up with a grading system to help you as potential customers grade yourselves before your coaching session with us. This allows us to better understand what you believe your current riding level to be, and importantly what level you want to be at after a coaching session with us.

We understand that everyone is different, and everyone wants to achieve different things in their riding progression.

At UK Bike Skills we are very busy and often get booked months in advance. However, occasionally we get short notice cancellations, details of which can be found here:


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Coaching Levels:

  • GREEN:
    You are relatively new to cycling, you can comfortably ride on the road in traffic and are comfortable cycling on fire roads and canal paths, but you’re looking for something more….
  • BLUE:
    You can comfortably ride on non technical forest paths, you may well have visited a UK trail centre, but your looking to extend your skills base and tackle some more technical trails…
  • RED:
    You have significant experience, and have ridden at UK trail centres several times. You’re comfortable on technical climbs and descents, but again you’re looking for a broader skills base and the ability to tackle any obstacle on any trail…
  • BLACK:
    You live and breath cycling. You’re a regular user of UK Trail centres and are probably a veteran of trips to the Alps…
    Your next step is the pro-contract. At UK Bike Skills we can help you with specific problems in your riding arsenal. At this level it is as much a mental game as it is a practical skills one…

Please note, payment for coaching services serves as confirmation of the booking. Dates and Places remain available until they are paid for.

Private Coaching:


Exactly what it says on the tin! Our private coaching days are easily the most popular type of coaching we offer. We offer both private individual coaching and private group coaching.

Private individual coaching is a fantastic way to rapidly progress the general level of your riding or to work on a specific problem area. We have had the full range of requests as far as riding issues that need addressing. Whether its a lack of confidence with clearing gap jumps, issues with your cornering or the need to improve your speed management.

No matter what your level, we can help you improve your riding abilities. We’ve coached leading Freeriders, British Cross Country Champions and Four Cross Racers, right through to absolute beginners looking to rapidly improve their riding. Give us a call, we are more than happy to chat about your needs and what we’ll be able to achieve for you.

  • Private 1-to-1 coaching: £210.00

  • 2-to-1 coaching: £140.00 per rider

  • 3-to-1 coaching: £120.00 per rider

  • Private Groups of 4 or more: £95.00 per rider

  • Private Groups of 6 or more and  Tony has an assistant.  this ensures consistent coaching quality: £95.00 per rider

  • 10.00am Start at our coaching venue


Public Coaching Days:


Every month, UK Bike Skills offers several public group coaching days. These public courses offer incredible value for money, and are a great way to meet new riding friends.

All public coaching takes place at our dedicated skills coaching centre in Hertfordshire. Occasionally we will offer special public coaching events on request at various trail centres and riding venues. Details of upcoming events are available on request and will be displayed on the homepage of the site prior to the day.

Our public coaching days follow a slightly stricter teaching format, with the content of the course addressing a particular problem or common issue for modern trail centre riders.

  • £85 per rider – 10.00am Start at our coaching venue

Current Public Coaching Syllabi:

A course designed for riders who want to get the most out of their XC riding. Designed primarily to bring riders up to speed with the techniques and skills required for effective riding in purpose built Trail Centre environments. By the end of the course you will be fully grounded in the skills needed to get the most fun out of your Trail Centre riding trips. Coaching will take place at our dedicated coaching facility in Hertfordshire. We have a fully featured Coaching Trail with everything from rockgardens and bermed corners, through to fly-outs and small drops. This is a fantastic course for inspiring confidence in new riders, who would otherwise be daunted at the prospect of traveling to a Trail Centre venue.

A great opportunity for riders looking to start experiencing getting air under their wheels. This course aims to introduce riders to the psychological and physical aspects involved in the drop and jump techniques. Riders are gently progressed through a range of drop heights in the safety of our dedicated coaching facility. Starting with the explanation of the correct drop technique, Tony will then encourage each rider to progress through a range of drop heights all the while keeping you within your comfort zone. Once the correct drop technique is understood, Tony will then lead riders to a purpose built jump area.
As you can probably imagine, we love riding more than anything. Sometimes when we’re busy coaching we dont always get out and ride the great trail centres in the UK. As such we try and plan a visit to a UK trail centre at least once a month during the winter and every fortnight in the summer. Whilst not actually a coaching event, we invite all our previous customers, who we consider our friends, to come and ride with us. We’ll send out an email or post details of where/when we’re riding on our facebook page. Everyone’s welcome to come, simply turn up and ride with us – Nothing gives us more pleasure than riding with past students and seeing first hand their progression – obviously we don’t charge anything for this, just turn up and ride!








Whether its just for a quick chat or for some advice on our training courses, we’d love to hear from you. You can either drop us a line, or give us a call.

Whilst we always endeavour to answer calls, sometimes we’re all out coaching, so please leave a message and we’ll get back to you the same day.



Telephone: +44 (0)7886 342 189
email: tony@ukbikeskills.co.uk

UK Bike Skills is based in Hertford, Hertfordshire. The majority of our coaching is held at our private skills centre in Hertfordshire, but we are in the fairly unique position of being able to coach across the whole of the UK. Wherever your trails are, we can come and teach you to ride them the way they deserve to be ridden. We do not charge a mileage fee within a 40 mile radius of Hertford, but beyond that, we make a nominal flat rate charge of 50p per mile for travel to the coaching venue. Where travel to a coaching venue requires an overnight stay for our coaches, local budget accomodation will be chargeable to the client. Our full terms and conditions are available by contacting us via email here.



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