Today was Chris’s second session with me. He wanted to work on jumping, particularly gaps. The skills check showed me a weakness in his left hand turns and i needed to correct his body positioning. We began with drops and quickly moved onto jumping a six foot tabletop where i was able to show him how and why to style it in the air. It wasnt long before chris was riding the six foot gap jump with confidence and control. We moved onto work on his cornering and linked two berms together, carrying speed through them. There is a seven foot gap jump after the two berms, it wasnt long before chris was jumping that with confidence too. We worked on the sections above the berms. Particually pumping, jumping, and manualls. We took a break and resumed ona new trail altogether. We worked on moving the bike in thr air wjen jumping, riding near vertical drop offs and linked the entire trail together. An hour on this trail and chris made an error causing him to wash out. He felt too shook up mentally to continue so he called an end to the session.
Overall a brilliant session and as he identified what he did wrong he wont be affected negatively by the crash.
See u soon Chris
High 5!