Mission Statement:

At UK Bike Skills we aim to provide our clients with the highest level of professional cycle instruction available.

We have a passion for cycling and are dedicated to giving the best quality coaching. The majority of our coaching takes place at our purpose built, custom coaching facility near Hertford, Hertfordshire. We’re just 52 minutes from Central London but we also offer training all over the UK – we can teach you on your trails.


Amazing. Prepare to unravel all you thought you knew.. it all makes sense now!

Joey Haddock

Awesome place to improve your biking skills. You come away a much better rider no matter what your level of riding is. Tony is a damn nice bloke as well. Always happy to give my money to people who are great at what they do and are passionate about to boot. Hope to be back one day soon.

Day Vid

Awesome day! Really went back to basics and corrected mistakes I’d been making for years!
Would recommend tony to anyone and everyone who wants to improve. Money better spent here than on upgrades for the bike!

Adam Holman

Twenty five years of bad habits blown away in four of the most insightful hours I’ve had. Tony’s theories are very simple, so simple, in fact, that he took me from never having done a gap jump, to completing a 9 foot potential hospitaliser, plus plenty more in between. The best bits for me were the parallels that Tony drew between my advanced ski-ing skills and my lacklustre biking. “If you use that technique so effectively on skis, why don’t you do that on the bike?” Good question indeed. Wow, what a difference that made!

Martin Holloway

I have been on other courses before and this tops them all! Within an hour I was doing things I couldn’t do and been trying for months. The day is definitely worth it. Thanks for a great day

Lorien Gordon

“You must be joking” I said to Jedi when he showed me the steep bits of trail during my training session. He wasn’t! But with his excellent ability to tailor the training to the level and confidence of the rider, he taught me how to ride and position myself on the bike and how to assess the trail so I could have the confidence to take on the challenge…….. which I did, and then didn’t want to stop.

With jumps, drops and cornering, it was a awesome day.

I’ve now taken those skills and have applied them in my trail riding and feel more confident in taking on what I had previously considered too be outside of my limits.

Thanks Tony.

Amanda Newman

Just finished a trip in The Alps and went to see Tony before I left.
It’s helped immeasurably. So much faster and more confident in my riding.
Within the first 10 mins he had fixed my posture and everything felt better after that.
Plus his place is incredible fun to ride…. would 10/10 recommend even if you think you know what you’re doing.

Jonny Stark

A group of 3 of us visited UK Bike Skills for some coaching in jumps and drops, within an hour Tony had us doing bigger drops than we’d ever done! By the end of the day we’d all nailed things we didn’t think we’d ever be able to do. No drama, just a different way of approaching things. Thanks Tony, great coaching!

Jason Hawkins

Friday 27th October – what an absolutely amazing and thoroughly enjoyable day of coaching. We all learnt so much from Tony who’s style of teaching was spot on. We started small and worked our way up. I achieved so much more that day than I ever thought I was capable of. Looking forward to going again!

James Watts

– All testimonials taken from actual Facebook reviews of UK Bike Skills Ltd

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2023 Public Coaching Days:

Saturday 5th August – public jumps and drops. £95 per rider