Tom And Phil’s xc Skills

Tom and Phil race xc and wanted to get better and more fluid in their riding repetiore.

I put them through my skills check and explained the outline for the session and it all grew from there.

I worked on their positioning, looking and footwork and we then applied the techniques I teach to various sections and trails. Drops, pumping, riding over obstacles, steep drop offs and cornering were all easier and faster as a result

Cyclo-cross skills for Steve

I have coached Steve on his mountain bike but he really struggled on his cross bike to relate the skills set to it. He said grassy off camber turns were his nemesis, especially right turns. Steve was amazed that I showed him why that was and by working on his hips and feet I changed his cornering on his cross bike dramatically.Β  Drops, drop offs and linking turns all seemed easier suddenly πŸ™‚

Great session, really enjoyed the change

Cambridge cc cyclo-cross session

I had coached David previously a couple of years ago and the cyclo cross riders at his club wanted some coaching and he recommended myself to them. The skills and techniques I teach were applied to various sections of trail and also on complete trails too.

Riding over large obstacles that cannot be rolled over, drops, steeps into corners, cornering, pumping and the beginnings of jumping too. An absolutely awesome session unfolded and it was a pleasure to watch each of them grow faster and smoother.

I cannot sign off without a mention of their packed lunch they brought……Homemade bread, soup and various cakes and my @hasbean coffee to compliment it. Best cake ever…..polenta lemon cake, high5 to that Luke

Brilliant riding guys.