Dad Andy has been on two sessions with me over the years and wanted to share a session with his son and daughter Ellis and Alex. The skills checks revealed that I needed to work on Andy’s left turns, and Alex and ellies feet, looking and body positioning. We began with the drop technique, and ellie and Alex both where amazed at how easy it felt, as they got air beneath their wheels for the first time. I also worked with Andy in styling it in the air, and worked on matching effort with a given speed. From there we moved onto the skills trail where we spent the next few hours working on it section by section, and eventually linking them all together. Bermed, flat and switch back corners were linked with rock gardens, fly outs, steps, drops, pumping and absorbing. We worked on braking and line choice, and soon they were riding the trail end to end quicker and more in control than ever before, with smiles on their faces, and any errors being self diagnosed. I could see they were tiring so I moved them onto the 6ft table top, where I managed their speed so they could match it to their jump technique, and they were soon all clearing there first table top, and Alex even jumped hos first ever gap jump. Mental tiredness brought our session to an end here. Amazing session guys.
High 5!