Debbie And Jason Fly

Debbie and Jason came to me via recommendation and wanted to get to grips with jumping and understand what they should do and why.

I isolated their physical skills sets and repaired any errors I found. It wasn’t long before they were riding drops with ease and that continued when we moved to clearing tabletop jumps and gaps.

Cornering was another area that needed work as well as riding steep drop offs.

Two Tftuned Ladies

Dee and Amy work for suspension tuning company and arrived as arranged for 10am. We chatted about their needs and expectations for the mountain bike skills coaching session. Cornering and possibly getting air under their wheels was on that list. The skills check showed the areas in their physical skill sets that needed work and a small set up change assisted the skills change further.

It wasn’t long before they could easily get their front wheel into the air and then off of drops to 3ft too. I worked on cornering next and also pumping and maintaining connection to the ground when riding multiple mounds on a trail. Soon they were choosing to jump them instead and flow through three berms. Steeps drops were a bit of a mental barrier, but by application of their new mental and physical skills it all clicked into place and became easy.





Nicole fills a big gap in her riding skills

I coached Nicole over a year ago and she took advantage of a last minute availability slot I had to get another session before heading to the Alps.

Nicole could jump, I taught her that before on her last session but this time she wanted to get over the absolute fear of gap jumps. I worked hard on her mental skill set and we took small steps that built up slowly from drops, tabletops, riding over obstacles and getting air from technical drop offs too. then, before our session could end with a warm down wall riding she sailed over her first gap and proceeded to nail it time and again.

Matt from Sunderland

Matt has wanted to come to me for a mountain bike skills coaching session for a couple of years and finally his diary allowed him to. The skills check showed footwork and positioning needed working on as well as the all important mental skills.

The change in Matt was pretty much immediate. Steep drops, corners, riding over obstacles, jumps and drops all became simpler and easier than before. We even managed to have a good few runs at a wall ride too!

Richard is going to bike park wales tomorrow

Richard is going on a few trips this year and wanted to gain some mountain bike skills coaching from myself before he went.

He wanted to gain more control of jumps and drops but his corners needed work too. What a session it was as in the heat of the day he rode drops, tabletops, drop offs, berms, pumping and his first ever gap jumps .