Peter and Daniel are father and son and came to me from their regular riding area of swinley forest on recommendation. The skills check revealed looking, body positioning and a partial footwork error collectively and the set up changes were made to assist their correction.

 We began with the drop technique and I worked on their mental skills as well as the application of the physical skills for the technique and soon they were airborne and easily rode all 3 drops. 
 We moved on, and a cornering excersise followed before moving to the skills trail and we began working on linking the 14 sections on the trail together via control areas and line choice. Rock gardens, pumping, steps, jumps and drops were linked to off camber, switchback, bermed and flat corners. By the time they were riding the whole trail they were already conscious as to when it was right or wrong in any section and why!
 We moved to another trail and worked on it . Steep drop offs were linked to absorbing, jumps and corners and their new body position and set ups really enhanced their control on the trail regardless of gradient.
For our final application of the skills sets, we moved onto jumping tabletops and in a few small steps they both sailed over the 6ft tabletop easily and in total control. A few more goes each and our session ended to smiles all round and I can’t wait to hear of their riding exploits.