Six Go Mad From Fleet Mtb Group

I have coached Damo, Sean, John, Pat and Dan previously and their riding buddy Craig wanted to come along on their session too. I worked on the physical skills first and then really focused on their mental game.

What a session and what an end to a week of coaching. Im blown away by these guys!

Si And Adrian

Adrian was given a voucher for a private session and his riding buddy Simon joined him. Ade rides an ebike and Si a standard mtb but this didn’t matter at all.

I worked on the physical and mental skills in this session and they really improved in a short space of time. Even errors were being self diagnosed too.

I moved them on through section after section and linked jumps, drops, gaps, berms and so on together. What a session guys!

Kev And Jon Fly

Kev and Jon wanted a private session to focus on jumping and ironing out any habits their collective years of mountain biking had embedded. When I said how about the good stuff you already do they looked puzzled. I focused on foot positioning, looking and body positioning to begin with and after a set up change to enhance this, I started to unlock their mental game too. It’s not about the bike either as Jon rode an ebike and kevin rode a regular mtb.

Paul’s Beginner Session

Paul Has rode on and off road but mostly road cycled. He wanted to get into mtb more and a coaching session was the way he wanted to go. I was able to talk to him in skiing terms during this session as he had far greater experience doing that. Footwork, looking and positioning were adjusted and worked hard on throughout the session.

Jon And Jason’s Session

What an awesome start to the week’s coaching. I had coached Jason a good few years back and he wanted to return with his mate Jon to identify and correct any errors in their skills sets.

I worked on looking and positioning for this session and then applying the mental skills to judge speed and whether to ride things.

Ian, Kristian And Sam

What can I say about today’s mountain bike skills coaching session?. It was an amazing session with 3 guys who wanted to unlock the rider inside them. Looking and positioning were needing correcting. As was their set ups and them boom! Suddenly everything became simple and easier for them. From steeps to drops, berms to jumps, wall rides to gaps and so on.

Bill’s One To One

Bill attended a public session 2yrs ago with me and wanted to return for a private session to understand what he was doing and why on his mountain bike.

I adjusted the set up of his new bike and could see I needed to correct his looking and positioning skills before I could work on the all important head game he faced every ride.