Nick’s 5th Session

Today was Nick’s 5th session. I didn’t start where we left off last session as that’s not coaching, instead I broke it down to isolate his riding as he felt an error had crept in.

I worked on the separation of the jump and drop technique and that made a big difference.

A Father And Son Skills Session

Darren and his son Tom came to me via recommendation. They wanted to polish their riding and move it on with understanding what to do and why on their mountain bikes.

I worked on their physical skills sets as well as the head game and before you knew it, they were riding smooth and faster than before.

Drops, steeps, corners, pumping, riding over obstacles, jumps and gaps were all demonstrated and they followed suit.

Four From Sunderland

Peter, Graham and the two Mikes made their way down to me from Sunderland after reading my recommendations online. I adjusted their set ups after putting them through my skills check I showed them why positioning and foot positioning were needing work.

We began with riding over a small stump and I built the whole session from there. Cornering, jumping, drops, pumping and steep terrain were all covered. It was so good to see them riding faster and smoother with a new confidence in their riding.

Louis Learns To Fly

Louis came to me after reading about my sessions on a mountain bike forum. He had a back ground in motor cross and wanted to understand what he was doing on a bike and get to grips with jumping again.

I broke his riding right down and rebuilt it, piece by piece and the difference
was incredible. Drops, tabletop and gap jumps, cornering, steeps, wall rides and linking trail sections smoothly were all simple and efficient.

Kelvin’s Session

Kelvin contacted me a couple of weeks ago looking for a mountain bike skills coaching winter session . He wanted to understand what to do and why when he rides. The skills check and set up changes made sense to him as I identified footwork and positioning needed some work and I made various small adjustments that made a colossal difference.

Jumping tabletops, gap jumps, drops, drop offs , corners and pumping were all worked on, demonstrated by me before Kelvin repeated.

Brilliant session and fantastic progression