The Brown Family Session

Mike was 50 yesterday and wanted a mountain bike skills coaching session for him and his wife Claire and two children Alice and Oli. I put them through my skills check and adjusted their sets to enhance positioning and footwork. I then showed them why the techniques I teach apply to everything out on the trails from drops, jumps, riding obstacles,corners, pumping and steep drop offs. What a session it was and they got better and better through the session. The heat of the day made fatigue appear faster but the smiles didn’t fade at all.

Philip’s Session

Philip had a bad crash last year and wanted to come to me for coaching to understand what went wrong and to understand what to do to correct it.

I worked hard on Phil’s footwork and positioning during this session and his riding went from strength to strength. It wasn’t long before he was self diagnosing any errors too.

Steve’s Session

Steve took advantage of a short notice availability session to get to grips with his riding. He has a background in jujitsu and I was able to use this muscle memory to develop his riding.

He wanted to get more fluid in his turns as he felt on the verge of crashing when riding through the trees.

Footwork, looking and body positioning were all worked on and adjusted.

Tony’s Session

I have coached Tony regularly over the past 8yrs and today was his latest session where I showed him how the skills sets apply to common things he finds on the trails and how simpler it all is.

What a session it turned into as we moved through riding over obstacles, manualing through things, linking jumps and gaps, steep terrain and corner grip.

Tim, Brian And Mark’s Session

Tim, Brian and Mark came to me for a skills session to work on drops and jumps but it was more than that. I worked on steep terrain, riding obstacles and cornering too , but not before correcting their set ups and skills sets.

I worked on footwork and positioning mostly and made them ware of the mental skills that I teach too.

Riding With The Correct Foot Forward

I coached Stuart a year ago and he’d struggled to embed the skills set and couldn’t understand why. He returned today to see if I could see what’s wrong and it lay in his foundation, footwork.

Stuart always twisted in the air when jumping and this created a doubt in him as it felt hit and miss but a change in his lead foot cemented both this session and the last too.

The change really changed his positioning to a more unconscious level as the last session suddenly all made sense, he had a balance on his bike and he could feel it.