Rob And Jon Gain Confidence

Rob and Jon have been coached by me twice each on both public and private sessions but wanted to return together and push their riding on further. I focused on their physical skill set before working on the head game and showing them the true possibilities in their riding. Drops, jumps, gaps, berms, steeps and riding over fallen trees were all taken on board and ridden . What a session!

A Fantastic Friday

Ian first contacted me 2yrs ago and we finally got our diaries together for him to have a mountain bike skills coaching session to iron out his jumping technique. I could see that his cornering needed some serious work too but it all led into the same footwork and positioning skills missing. Once I had corrected those, everything was easier and simpler for Tim.

What a session dude!!

Getting Paul’s Mind Right

Paul has had a couple of big accidents over the past couple of years and has been on a search for the reason why. His path led to me and my skills check showed him why. I worked hard on his weaker right sided turns but mostly his positioning to a point where he could apply his mental skills. It was a joy to watch him fly!

Father And Son Fly

Andrew and his son Joey came to me on the hottest day on record for their session but the heat didn’t deter us. I worked on their missing looking and positioning skills and then showed them why it was so important. A brilliant session unfolded and cornering, pumping , jumps, drops and gaps to 13ft were all ridden using their mental skill set.

Colin’s Session

Colin came to me via recommendation from his mate Nick who I have coached several times. He wanted to learn to ride smoother and to get air under his wheels. The mental skills are equally as important as the physical skills and once Colin was aware of the corrections he needed to make it all came together.

Jo’s Jumping

I coached Jo two years ago but after a crash early this year she found her jumping suffered but also her head game too. I had to enable her to recognise why by showing her the physical errors and once corrected everything became faster and smoother as a result.