Another Father And Son Session

Richard and his son Ben wanted a session to get their wheels off the ground and to stop being so start/stop in corners. I worked on footwork and positioning as well as the all important mental skills too. We applied their new skill sets to drops, jumps, a gap jump, berms and steeps . A cracker of a session.

Father And Son

Richard and his son Harry came to me for a mtb skills coaching session to not only learn what to do off road but also a bonding experience too. It was amazing to see Harry get his wheels into the air and for Dad to find out hwo to ride steeps and gaps too.

John And Jack’s Session

John and his son Jack came to me for a private two to one mountain bike skills coaching session and wanted to focus on drops and jumps but it was way more involved than that. I worked on footwork and positioning in all aspects of their riding from corners to steeps to drops and jumps.

Amanda And Si

Amanda and her Partner Si came for a two to one mountain bike skills coaching session and as I’d coached Si before (8yrs ago) he wanted it focused on Amanda but I was able to move his riding on too. Drops, steeps, cornering, pumping and jumping were all covered and what a session it was.

Father And Son

Ian and his Step son Oli came to me for mountain bike skills coaching to build up confidence after a trip to black mountains and bike park Wales. The skills check showed the areas of positioning and footwork needed work and when I said i’d get them airborne too they thought I was joking. I worked on cornering, drops, jumps and flowing through a trail.

Colin’s Session

Colin came to me via recommendation from his mate Nick who I have coached several times. He wanted to learn to ride smoother and to get air under his wheels. The mental skills are equally as important as the physical skills and once Colin was aware of the corrections he needed to make it all came together.

A Ladies Session

Shu and Emm came to me for a beginner mountain bike skills coaching session. I was able to work on their mental skills once I made them aware of the physical skills of positioning, looking and foot positioning.