Four Friends

Ian, Roger, Dave and Jon came to me via recommendation and they described their abilities as non existent. The skills check showed the missing skills and armed with that info, I proceeded to change how they thought about riding their bikes. We worked on cornering, linking sections together, riding obstacles, drops, jumps, steep drop offs and drops into corners too.

Another fantastic Friday.

Matt Returns with Three Mates

I coached Matt on a public session in May and he wanted to return with his 3 mates David, Iain and Dave for a private session to work on their individual skill sets even though their abilities differed. I focused on positioning hugely today with them and that followed onto their head game.

The session moved through hopping logs to cornering, steeps, drops, jumps and gaps.

All four of them concentrated on their missing skills and worked hard at redressing them and slowly it all pieced together, with a few laughs thrown in too.

Lee’s 2nd Session

I coached Lee a few weeks back with his buddy Tim and he wanted to return to cement the session and if possible move on too.

I focused on his positioning through out the session and it became something he could feel when it was right or wrong. He was riding bigger obstacles, jumping further, riding gaps and cornering with a speed and control he never thought possible.

Paul’s Beginner Session

Paul Has rode on and off road but mostly road cycled. He wanted to get into mtb more and a coaching session was the way he wanted to go. I was able to talk to him in skiing terms during this session as he had far greater experience doing that. Footwork, looking and positioning were adjusted and worked hard on throughout the session.

Sam And Keith’s Session

Sam was given gift vouchers for his birthday and his mate Keith joined him on the session. I was able to use their muscle memory from football to really enhance their skills sets for mountain biking and everything from drops, jumps, pumping, corners, drop offs and wall rides were all easier than ever before.

Marcin’s Session

Marcin took advantage of my short notice availability to have a private one to one session. footwork and positioning were in great need of correcting and then we applied the complete skills set to steeps, cornering, pumping and drops.

From The Isle Of Wight

Andrew made the trip to me after countless recommendations from fellow islanders I have coached. Looking and Positioning were the words of the day for Andrew as I set about correcting his skill set. We then applied his new skills sets to jumps, drops, corners and steeps ,among other things.

Great progress