Andrea Begins Her MTB Journey

I have coached Andrea’s partner Peter before and he bought her a voucher for a private one to one session with me so that Andrea could start off her mtbing on the right foot.

She wanted to feel less scared and understand what she had to do and why. What a change it was as she used her new skills sets and applied them to drops, pumping, cornering, rock gardens, riding over obstacles and steeps too!

Kelvin’s Session

Kelvin contacted me a couple of weeks ago looking for a mountain bike skills coaching winter session . He wanted to understand what to do and why when he rides. The skills check and set up changes made sense to him as I identified footwork and positioning needed some work and I made various small adjustments that made a colossal difference.

Jumping tabletops, gap jumps, drops, drop offs , corners and pumping were all worked on, demonstrated by me before Kelvin repeated.

Brilliant session and fantastic progression

Steve’s One to One session

Steve rides road bikes mostly but began riding mtb last year and wanted to come to see me for mountain bike skills coaching after recommendations from fellow riders. I was able to use he experiences from other sports to get the most out of his session. He wanted to know why he struggled in berms and drops and why steep sections always felt sketchy. I worked on his positioning in all areas and his footwork in turn and the change was immediate.

Alex and Gemma learn Trail Centre Skills

Alex and Gemma were due to come to me a couple of months ago but 40mph+ winds meant I had to delay their mountain bike skills coaching session until today.

They ride regularly at the Forest of Dean and Swinley forest and wanted to finally learn to fly and maybe cornering if I had time. I smiled as I said we’ll do pumping, drops, jumps, steeps etc easily in one session and what a session it was!



Two Tftuned Ladies

Dee and Amy work for suspension tuning company and arrived as arranged for 10am. We chatted about their needs and expectations for the mountain bike skills coaching session. Cornering and possibly getting air under their wheels was on that list. The skills check showed the areas in their physical skill sets that needed work and a small set up change assisted the skills change further.

It wasn’t long before they could easily get their front wheel into the air and then off of drops to 3ft too. I worked on cornering next and also pumping and maintaining connection to the ground when riding multiple mounds on a trail. Soon they were choosing to jump them instead and flow through three berms. Steeps drops were a bit of a mental barrier, but by application of their new mental and physical skills it all clicked into place and became easy.





Ben’s one to one mountain bike skills coaching session

Ben was given some skills coaching gift vouchers last Xmas and today was the day to change his riding. I was able to use his experiences from other sports to really move his riding on. He could never get the back wheel off the ground and certainly never ride over the fallen tress that are common on local trails but by the end of a tiring session, Ben was cornering, pumping , riding steep stuff and linking trail sections fluidly. Great riding.


Dan gets his wings

Dan came to me for mountain bike skills coaching to understand what to do and why when riding off road. Previous to today he had never jumped or anything. The skills check showed me the areas that needed correcting in his physical skills set and it wasn’t long before he could pop either wheel off the floor and ride over obstacles with ease. Drops, jumps, gaps, pumping, cornering and steep drop offs were all ridden and Dan’s riding by his own admission had changed dramatically.