John from Bolton’s Session

John came down from Bolton for his session today. He wanted to get better at cornering and also understand why he gets bucked when jumping. I broke his skills sets down and rebuilt him with an understanding of why it was right or wrong in any section. we worked on pumping, cornering, drops and jumps. John rode his first ever gap jumps today too !

Andrea Finds His Flow

Andrea wanted to gain control of his trail riding and learn how to flow through trails more. I discovered he was weaker in his right hand turns and also that he gave away positioning when descending too.

I focused on footwork and body positioning and we applied the corrected skills to the techniques required. Steeps, drops, riding over obstacles, flat, bermed and off camber corners and pumping were all worked on . A brilliant session unfolded as Andrea embedded his new riding skills.

Bryan And Ross

I coached Ross two years ago and he return with riding buddy Bryan to move his riding on but also iron out some errors he felt in his riding.

I adjusted their set up and worked on positioning and the all important looking. Foot position on flat pedals made a huge difference too. I think the pictures tell the tale better than I can.

Xc Race Coaching

Dan races nps xc races and wanted to get better technically and understand what he needed to do on a mountain bike. I explained the physical skills and isolated body positioning and looking needed correcting and some very small adjustments made huge differences.

I worked hard with Dan on gaining speed and not trying to be fast. It was apparent that it felt slow to him but he knew it was faster as a by product.

We worked on applying a simple skills set to lots of different environments and linked them together.

For over 6hrs , Dan worked hard on linking his new skills set together. Linking steeps to corners, turning through drop offs, gap jumps, drops, corners, controlling air time and distance, switchbacks and riding over obstacles to name just a few..

I really enjoyed being part of this session as it wasn’t just airtime but was about simple techniques.

Mark’s 2nd Session

Mark returned for another session of the year and wanted to work on steeper stuff and getting over obstacles whilst climbing too. I worked on his weaker left hand turns too and we then pieced together both sessions learning.

Using a section of trail, I worked on him becoming faster with technique and he shaved lots of time through 3 sections by linking them effectively.

I’m looking forward to his next session.