Line Choice And Stuff

I have coached Gerald before, two years ago in fact and he wanted to return to find out why he feels so sketchy in corners but also to move his riding on further. He showed me a video of his riding and washing out in turns but I’d already seen why when watching him ride his bike during the skills check. I worked hard on his footwork and positioning and linking drops and gaps into turns all session long. What a session it was too!!!!!

Rob And Jon Gain Confidence

Rob and Jon have been coached by me twice each on both public and private sessions but wanted to return together and push their riding on further. I focused on their physical skill set before working on the head game and showing them the true possibilities in their riding. Drops, jumps, gaps, berms, steeps and riding over fallen trees were all taken on board and ridden . What a session!

Si, Steve And Son

I have coached Si and Steve before and they return with James, Steve’s 11yr old son for another session. I worked on looking, positioning and footwork throughout this session as well as the head game. Drops, jumps, wall rides, pumping, cornering and gaps to 9ft were all on the menu.

great session guys!

Getting Paul’s Mind Right

Paul has had a couple of big accidents over the past couple of years and has been on a search for the reason why. His path led to me and my skills check showed him why. I worked hard on his weaker right sided turns but mostly his positioning to a point where he could apply his mental skills. It was a joy to watch him fly!

Bigfoot Mountain Bike Club

Steve, Dan and Matt are Bigfoot mbc members. I have coached Steve previously and Dan and Matt wanted to come to me for mountain bike skills coaching too. Footwork, looking and the all important positioning were worked on as were the mental skill sets. We then applied the skills to the techniques I teach and then they flew and flowed.

Steve’s One To One

Steve has never been able to jump or indeed get his front wheel off the ground so he came to me after being recommended by his friend. I ran Steve through my skills check and I corrected his foot positioning, his body positioning and showed him where to look. Sounds simple, which it is but not easy to implement. Steve suddenly found it easy do all the things he’d struggled with and confidently started to get over large obstacles, drops, jumps and cornering was a vast improvement too!