Padraig And Ollie’s Session

I coached these two separately on public sessions a year or more ago. They wanted to return to develop their riding and regain lost confidence.

I broke down their skills sets and rebuilt them. Better cornering and judging effort and distance when jumping were on the menu. Steep drops, gaps, tabletops and riding obstacles all seemed simpler than previously.

Whistler Preparation

I coached Chris a few years ago and he returned with his riding buddy Jim before he is off to Canada for a riding holiday. They both wanted to push their riding further but also identify and errors in their skills sets.

I discovered that Chris needed work on right hand turns and that Jim needed his footwork and positioning sorted before we could move to jumping tabletops and drops. I worked hard on their berm riding and they grew faster as control enhanced. The whole session grew and grew with wall rides, gaps to 16ft, linking drops and multiple gap jumps and turns as well a wood to wood gaps.

Amazing riding guys!

Bethan and Emma’s Session

I last coached Emma over 4yrs ago and two children later she wanted to return to lay the foundation for her return to riding with her buddy Bethan.

I broke down the physical skills and the application in the techniques I teach. A few set up changes and we were way.

I worked on cornering in berms and singletrack, steep drop offs, pumping and drops, i was able to introduce jumping too.

It was so good to see them progress in their own time but making choices using the framework I give them.

The Henley Boys

What a session today turned out to be. Jack, Tom, Rich, Gary, Sam and Ben arrived and I started to work on their physical skills and then applying them to the techniques required in various situations found commonly on trails. We had laughs and fun but everyone learned what and why things happen on the trails and the effect they have.

Gaps,wall rides, berms, tabletops, woodwork drops and gaps, steeps and linking sections together were all on the menu. Another fantastic Friday

Andy From Austrailia

Andy lives in Perth, Australia and wanted to have some mountain bike skills coaching from me whilst visiting family over here.

Andy wanted to work on cornering technique and jumps and drops, but first I had to work on his physical skill set and correct his footwork, looking and positioning.

The mental skills set laid the framework of choice of what to ride and why on trails and the session went from strength to strength.

Graham’s Session

Graham wanted to work on his riding all round. The skills check showed the weakness he has in right turns and also his technique for jumping needed isolating and correcting. From there,I built the session.

Ian And Mark Wanted To Learn To Jump

Among other techniques but on meeting, I explained the simple skill set I teach and it’s application.I corrected their missing skills and made some small adjustments to their set up (explained in my youtube vids )

Looking and positioning were paramount in needing work and also Marks’ footwork. Jumps, drops, berms, steeps, obstacles, pumping and gap jumps were all ridden and they both understood when it was right or wrong and why.