A Saturday With Pete

Pete wanted to understand how and when to jump as previously it had been hit and miss. I broke down his skills set and rebuilt it, working on positioning massively. That led on to his mental skills. We went from riding obstacles, jumping, drops, steeps and corners. Great session dude and i’m looking forward to hearing your riding updates.

Peter Gets His Wings

Peter got back to mountain biking three months ago after over a decade away. He wanted to understand what he was doing on his bike and for me to correct any errors in his skills set before it became an issue. I worked on positioning and footwork and it was a session to remember.

Mike And Chris Learn To Jump

Mike and Chris came to me after reading reviews and wanted to learn to jump. As they both skateboarded before I was able to use their muscle memory from this to really enhance their skills sets both mentally and physically.

I broke their skills down and formed new techniques as I corrected looking and positioning for them. I worked on drops, steeps, cornering, jumping tabletops and gaps and linking them too!

Tweaking Nick’s Riding

Nick came to me for mountain bike skills coaching to understand why his jumping was hit and miss and lacked height too. The skills check showed him why and also that he was weak in his cornering too. I worked hard on his positioning and footwork in all areas and in particular jumps and right hand turns.

The fourth phase of Nick’s mountain bike skills coaching

I first coached Nick back in March on a public session when he’d not previously got any airtime before. I developed his riding in that session and he booked 3 more private sessions to really embed the skills and keep check on any lapse.

Today was about reaffirming the mental and physical skills and gradually moving on. He wanted to get more comfortable judging effort and speed for distance and that was done, even linking gaps to 18ft. Woodwork drops and gaps, corners and slight physical tweeks to enable him to easily flow through the trails.

Brilliant session, celebrated by beers Nick brought with him for the end of the session.