Lee And Tim’s Session

Lee has booked two sessions with me and this was his first. His riding buddy Tim joined him last minute to make it a two to one session. I have coached Tim before and I was able to move them both on in their riding once footwork and positioning were corrected. Steeps, jumps, pumping, riding over obstacles, corners and drops were all ridden and a huge smile on their faces said it all.

Another Session With Nick

Today was yet another session with Nick. He’d plateaued slightly in his riding and wanted to iron this out. The session involved judging effort and speed for distance, Linking sections together and even pedal kick drops, a pretty advanced move but a great one to have in your tool box.

Ian, Kristian And Sam

What can I say about today’s mountain bike skills coaching session?. It was an amazing session with 3 guys who wanted to unlock the rider inside them. Looking and positioning were needing correcting. As was their set ups and them boom! Suddenly everything became simple and easier for them. From steeps to drops, berms to jumps, wall rides to gaps and so on.

Bill’s One To One

Bill attended a public session 2yrs ago with me and wanted to return for a private session to understand what he was doing and why on his mountain bike.

I adjusted the set up of his new bike and could see I needed to correct his looking and positioning skills before I could work on the all important head game he faced every ride.

From The Isle Of Wight

Andrew made the trip to me after countless recommendations from fellow islanders I have coached. Looking and Positioning were the words of the day for Andrew as I set about correcting his skill set. We then applied his new skills sets to jumps, drops, corners and steeps ,among other things.

Great progress

Kids Learn To Fly

Nick bought His son Guy a 9yr birthday present and his sister 12yr old Flora, joined him for a two to one session where they wanted to learn to jump properly . I was able to use their other favourite sports to build on their mountain biking and it wasn’t long before they were riding drops, jumps and railing corners like never before. They laid a great foundation to build their riding upon for years to come.

Gregory And Simon Pt 2

Well, what a couple of days it’s been. The boys arrived feeling the effects of yesterday’s mountain bike skills coaching session but I built them back up gradually before pushing their mental skills into use again. It’s hard for me to describe the session but bigger drops, woodwork, riding over obstacles that would have been impossible for them previously were all included. I’ll let the videos and pics tell the rest