Nick had been to us before for some mountain bike coaching, and he returned with his son to enjoy a skills session together. I quickly ran them through the skills checks, to see what skills were in place. I moved straight over to drops. I could see connor was very comfortable with what I had previously shown him In the skills check. This was also a good opportunity for Nick to warm up, and bring him back to where we left off. We moved straight over to the tabletop, and I gradually added speed individually for them, until we found a point where they were both clearing it. They quickly answered yes to their mental questions and rode the gap jump as well, landing perfectly on the downslope.

We done a bit of work on correcting both of their cornering techniques, and then we moved straight on and linked drops into corners. Now they had to link two sections together, managing their speed in between. Next I showed them the three linked berms, and the larger tabletop which followed. I didn’t spend too long here, as there main aim was to ride more jumps, so I showed them the wooden ladder gap which followed the second corner. Nick rode this last time, and sailed over it. Connor quickly followed, also landing perfectly.

After lunch, I showed them the larger 9ft gap jump. I explained and demonstrated the line, and gave them an idea of the speed needed. We had quite a few goes at this, working on line choice and being able to ride it at different speeds, and adjusting their effort to match. They were both beginning to tire, but I wanted to show them the new ladder gap line. I demonstrated each one on its own as needed, and they again used their mental skills to decide how far they wanted to go.

Nice one guys. Work on them knees Nick, and stay forward Connor.

Nath (@ukbikenath)