Jon returns for another session

Jon last attended a mountain bike coaching session with myself nearly three years ago and felt errors had crept into his riding. He was correct and I set about re installing the physical skills before working on the head game and boy oh boy did the session develop.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story I think


Working on Steve’s distance of jumping

I have coached Steve before and he returned after a 2yr break for more coaching as he was feeling slower in turns and something was up with his jumping. I broke his skillset down before rebuilding it and applying it to berm riding and jumping in multiples and also judging speed for gaps to 13ft.

Awesome progress on a soggy day, high5!


Mike brings his gang

I coached Mike in a public session four years ago and he wanted to return with his riding mates on a private session. We covered so much ground from steeps,pumping and drop offs to gaps, tabletops and berms. I had so much fun with them , as the riding flowed as much as the banter. Here’s are the pics from the session and it was a brilliant end to a fantastic week of coaching


Five friends share a private session

Andy, Jules, Gill, Marcus and Scott arrived as arranged and The skills check showed me the areas that needed work. I worked hard on body positioning and footwork before adding looking so they had enhanced control in the techniques we teach.

Overcoming obstacles on the trail like logs etc was first and they were surprised at the simplicity of it. from there we worked on cornering, riding rocks, berms, drops and jumps. Andy and Scott even rode the 6ft gap jump too.

even though they were in different places mentally and physically in the riding, I was able to progress each of them by simplle adjustments to their skills.

A brilliant session with a great bunch.

Ps, sorry I lost some of the pics somehow 🙁


Xc singletrack skills with Jonathan

Jonathan races xc and always lost time in corners and when riding down singletrack and over obstacles. I based the session upon correcting his physical skills, especially body positioning before working on “stuff”

The session gradually gained pace as Jonathan grew more aware of anything he was doing physically on the bike right or wrong.

What a session it was.



Jon and Chris’s two to one sesssion

Jon and Chris came to me nearly two years ago and didn’t ride much afterwards as family commitments etc got in the way. They wanted to go through what we covered last time and maybe push on further with jumping. Well, the session worked out beautifully, berms, drops, jumps, pumping and linking jumps together were all part of the session. Jon even managed a couple of gap jumps also.


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Fred, Jamie and Dave’s uncover their skills

Fred, Jamie and Dave came to myself to work on cornering and drop offs, little did they know how far their riding would progress.

Once I had corrected the errors in their skills, we applied them to various sections found on the trails, flat, off camber and bermed corners, pumping, jumping, drops, drop offs and gap jumps too.

A brilliant session with awesome guys.


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