The Hips Don’t Lie

I have coached Hilda May and Pete four years ago and they wanted to return for a tune up as Hilda May was loosing confidence after a few crashes on long rides. The skills check showed me what needed work on and I worked hard on footwork and positioning, which led to applying the mental skills too.

We then worked on a multitude of sections, applying the techniques I teach. Drops, jumps, steeps, cornering and riding obstacles.

Chris’s Session

Chris came to me to work on his fear of jumping and the skills check showed me where the seat of this fear laid. I broke down his jump technique and separated what he was trying to do into a simpler action. It was his cornering however that really took off as he used his skiing experience to really start to carve his turns.

From Triathlon To Flyathlon

See what I did there 🙂

I used to race against Colin over twenty years ago in triathlon and he was recommended my coaching for mountain biking. It was awesome to see him again and to coach him at his new chosen sport of mountain biking. He wanted to learn to jump, but the session went further than he thought as I brought him through jumps, drops, steeps, cornering, riding obstacles and so on. Colin applied his new skills to everything using the mental skill set i teach.

Amazing session dude!