Rupert’s session

Rupert has done many sports in his lifetime and wanted to get some mountain bike skills coaching from myself to get to grips with how and why to jump in particular. I needed to work on his footwork to correct his one sided cornering and his body positioning when getting his wheels off the ground. I then pieced it all back together in a fun and enjoyable session.

drops, jumps, drop offs, corners, pumping, linking jumps and gaps were all covered. I worked on judging speed and distance too.

Great riding dude. High5!



Xc singletrack skills with Jonathan

Jonathan races xc and always lost time in corners and when riding down singletrack and over obstacles. I based the session upon correcting his physical skills, especially body positioning before working on “stuff”

The session gradually gained pace as Jonathan grew more aware of anything he was doing physically on the bike right or wrong.

What a session it was.



Xc skills for Bryan

Bryan wanted to unlock the rider inside and discover what was possible for him in his riding.

Well, the pictures tell the tale. A great session unfolded.

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