From The Isle Of Wight

Andrew made the trip to me after countless recommendations from fellow islanders I have coached. Looking and Positioning were the words of the day for Andrew as I set about correcting his skill set. We then applied his new skills sets to jumps, drops, corners and steeps ,among other things.

Great progress

Paul’s Mountain Bike Skills Coaching Session

I coached Paul on a public session and he wanted to return for a one to one session. This session really flew by, quite literally.

I focused on the mental skills for this one and we worked on drops and gap jumps and linking them through berms. Amazing progression!

Kids Learn To Fly

Nick bought His son Guy a 9yr birthday present and his sister 12yr old Flora, joined him for a two to one session where they wanted to learn to jump properly . I was able to use their other favourite sports to build on their mountain biking and it wasn’t long before they were riding drops, jumps and railing corners like never before. They laid a great foundation to build their riding upon for years to come.

The Return Of Sam And Mike

I coached Sam and Mike separately 6 yrs ago and they wanted to return together to work on their mental skills sets after a couple of crashes last year. I built the session gradually and pulled apart their physical skills to make them recognisable when they need them. Then it went off πŸ™‚

Gregory And Simon Pt 2

Well, what a couple of days it’s been. The boys arrived feeling the effects of yesterday’s mountain bike skills coaching session but I built them back up gradually before pushing their mental skills into use again. It’s hard for me to describe the session but bigger drops, woodwork, riding over obstacles that would have been impossible for them previously were all included. I’ll let the videos and pics tell the rest

Gregory And Simon Pt 1

I coached Greg and Simon in December and they wanted to return for a double session and today was part one. They wanted to cement the teaching from the previous session and push further in the riding too. I needed to get them to separate their skills sets physically to allow them more control when jumping and we worked hard on that. I also worked on their mental skills and they applied these to decide what to ride or not. Watching them smile as they sailed over gap jumps for the first time was awesome. I can’t wait to see what part two brings.

Simon And Son

Today was a session for Simon and His son Jacob. They wanted to drop and jump more and find out why and how to do it. I ran them through my skills check and set up check that shows us all what areas need working on and then it was time to get into the air. From the get go, everything was easier they said and felt simple and non dangerous.. I’ll let the pics say the rest.